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Libby Skender

Poison Ivy Mini - Blue Denim

Poison Ivy Mini - Blue Denim

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Features: Low/mid-rise denim skirt, asymmetric pleats, embroidery embellishments, kilt hardware buckles and baby pins

LIBBY SKENDER upcycled collections focuses on helping extend the life of unwanted fabrics and garments. Each piece is carefully and mindfully constructed from up cycled fabric meaning every item is a one-of-a-kind! 

Handmade by Libby Skender in Melbourne/Naarm on the lands of the Kulin Nation. LIBBY SKENDER creates One-of-a-kind custom pieces that celebrates a persons individuality with a punk yet elegant twist

Labelled Size 6 - Measurements Laid Flat:

Waist - 37cms 

Front Length - 31cms 

Side Length - 22cms 

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